The hotline is offically closed for the 2012 Season. Thank you to everyone that called in and helped make the hotline such a huge success! We skyped with over 300 families this year and 4 hospitals! We made so many new friends this year, and can't wait to open up the hotline again next year! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Welcome to the Elf Help Hotline, your direct connection to the North Pole and the home base of Santa Claus himself. At the Elf Help Hotline, we have Elves standing by to help you with all your holiday questions and needs. And of course, we have a direct line to Santa himself, to find out the most important question on every child's mind during the Holiday:

Am I on Santa's naughty or nice list?
Check the schedule below to find the perfect time to Skype with Herby. The timeslots are filling up fast, so book your time now!

Speading the Christmas Joy with Herby the Elf!

Herby the Elf is a LIVE ANIMATED Christmas event. Children and parents using just a web camera and Skype can call a live animated Christmas Elf! But the show is more than that. Motus Digital has volunteered their time and cost to offer the Herby the Elf show to any and all Children Hospitals free of charge. This is our way to give back to the community and help give to the children that may not be home for the Christmas holiday, a special one-of-a-kind Christmas experience. As of right now, we have almost a dozen hospitals participating this year and we are in the process of booking more shows.
Herby the Elf himself has been invited to help with lighting the Christmas Tree at the children's Medical Center in Dallas, TX. Herby will be reporting all the magic and excitement happening on the new Children’s Red Balloon Network! You can watch the full show below and Herby helps to MC the tree lightig, even gets to help Santa light the tree! Click the button below to learn more about the event, and how you can help!


You have to see it to believe it, And it's all about believing!

How the ELF HOTLINE works

Step 1: Ask your parent’s to click the button found below. Have your parents fill out the information form that our Elves need to contact you. Your parents will receive an email from one of our Elves, letting them know a time and date that is available to talk to the Elf Hotline.

Step 2: On your scheduled day and time, one of our Elves will contact you via SKYPE at your given time. If you do not have a SKYPE account, you can go here for the easy setup. Make sure to have your VIDEO button activated in SKYPE and your speakers turned up. Having an active web camera will give you the best interaction with our Elves.

Step 3: Be sure to have your questions available. Once our staff contacts you, feel free to ask our Elves any Christmas question you may have, and they may even sing along with your favorite Christmas song!

Make sure to check your parent’s email for a message from the Elf Hotline.

The ElfHotline will be open Dec 4th-7th and Dec 11th-13th from 4pm-9pm CST

Do you want Herby the Elf at your Holiday event?

Are you having a large company Holiday Party that includes employee’s children, or a family get together with a lot of kids?! Herby the Elf is the perfect event that will make your event one of the most unique and memorable to all involved. You can have Herby come to your event via a simple web camera and a computer with SKYPE! Herby will sing songs, tell jokes, do funny dances, and even answer all questions the children may have about the North Pole, the toy shop and Santa. And the show finale actually has Herby take a sneak peak to see if the children are on the Naughty or Nice list! If you are looking for Christmas entertainment that the kids will talk about for year to follow, than Herby the Elf is the event to do just that!


Herby the Elf Schedule

11/26 Children's Medical Center

12/17 Edinburg Children's Hospital

12/17 Dells Children's Hospital

12/19 Dallas Children's Medical Center Return Visit

12/19 Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

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Latest Elf News

Join Us December 1st

Bring your family and friends to the 25th annual Children's Medical Center Holiday Parade in downtown Dallas on December 1. For more information, or to buy tickets, click the button below. All proceeds benefit the patients of Children's Medical Center.


Herby the Elf has been asked to visit Dells Children's Hospital in Austin, deep in the Heart of Texas. Herby is excited to meet new friends and spread the holiday joy! Stay tuned for more information. Click the button below on how you can help during this holiday season!


Children's Medical Center in Dallas TX has asked Herby the Elf come back again this year to help celebrate the holiday season for all the children who may not be home for the holidays. On Dec 19th, Herby will be putting on his Holiday Show, along with making personal appearances.